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Allow site visitors to search your site with our search element.

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Demo Search

To the right of this page (or below this text on a small screen device) is a manually curated search engine. Is has been built for demo purposes.

What does manually curated mean?

Instead of the search engine going off and inspecting every page on your website then returning results based on what it finds (the usual way), our Site Searcher system can also work from a manually curated list of search terms.

What this means is we can create a list of keywords and phrases for you, to guide your users to the pages of interest.

This demo search is set up with the following terms, try typing them in, on their own or in sentences, and seeing how it works.

website - cheap - online - ecommerce - store - template - CMS

As well as manually curated searches, Site search can work as a regular search engine. To see it in action, click the search icon in the menu at the top of this page, it will search the entire site for you.

Site Search

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