{{Stats is a basic, simple to read, stat recorder for your website.

It will record the number of visits made to all the pages on your site. We can omit certain pages from the report if requested.

The data is locked down by a simple password protect. This is not highly secure, anyone with access to the page could easily get past the password system with some basic hacking skills. If you require the stats page to be fully secure please request it, we will then add a 2nd level password protect.

Stats doesn't record user data or analytics, just how many individual visits each page gets. You can reset the stats and email them to any address at the click of a button.

To log in you simply put your password in the login box and click login!

An example of the login box is below, and directly below is a screenshot of what the stats page looks like.

Stats is not designed to replace something like Google Analytics. It's designed to be quick and simple.}}

Example of the stats page.

Sample log-on box.

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