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{{Facebook Messenger is a favourite way for people to connect, and like it or loathe it, many will use it as a way to connect with your business.

Someone might be on your site and see something they like, for many the first method of communication with you might be Messenger.

So they navigate away from your site and open Facebook with the aim of opening a message to you, but hang on, a picture of a cute cat has just caught their attention… And now they're gone to the cute cat video page. Lost to you.

Not anymore. Thanks to the new Messenger add-on they can start a conversation with you by never leaving your site!

Just click the little Messenger icon in the bottom right of the screen and a completely familiar looking chat window will open with your branding on it. They can compose their message and send it, then get back to surfing your site as they await a reply.

It must be stressed that the Messenger window isn't a chat window: You can't chat with them in it, any reply you make will not appear in this window but in the regular Messenger app online or on a device.

The Messenger add-on is purely for starting the conversation and retaining them on your site. It's limited in its use, but simple and works.}}

Messenger is a free add-on for all sites on contract and costs just £10 for non-contract sites. If you want it added just get in touch and tell us which pages you want it added to.

You can see it in action on this page.

Messenger is offered "as-is". It works at the moment, but things like this are at the mercy of Facebook. If they decide to kill it, it'll die. This might happen tomorrow or never!

Start a conversation with us here.

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