Online Forms

Allow users to interact, buy, order and book with online forms.

Online Forms Examples

Below are just a few examples of what is possible with our Forms add-on. All client forms are custom made to meet your exact requirements.

About Online Forms

When most people think about online forms they think of contact pages, as these are the most common places to see a form in action.

Forms can go way beyond just simple ways for users to send you an email though, they can help drive user interaction and engagement, and help convert users into customers.

Adding carefully crafted forms to your website will increase engagement, drive interaction and ultimately help grow your business.

Common online form uses...

  • Contact Form
  • Customer Surveys
  • Booking Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Customer Satisfaction Cards
  • Job Applications
  • Even online sales!

Addon Costs

"How-to" Videos

We make a range of "how-to" videos for many of our addons, showing you how to set things up, manage and update your addon.

Click the "See Videos" link (right on desktop, below on mobile) and check the orange buttons to see the videos for your chosen addon.

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Recent Reviews
Tracy Aspell

The Creative Institute

Google Reviews

Very quick response and set up time for my website. Any edits are also done very quickly. The company has a wealth of experience and is very adept and creating an easy-to-use webpage designed from the customer's perspective. Highly Recommend.

Duncan Stokes

Hassop Station
Peak District

Google Reviews

Great understanding of the web needs of a multi-faceted business. Very quick to respond and find solutions. Personable, no techie waffle. Understands not everyone needs to understand how it all works they just want it to work!

Cookstown Cycles

Cookstown Cycles

Google Reviews

Caffeine Injection provide a professional and fast service. Any queries or work required was dealt with efficiently. Would highly recommend the use of their services.

Jennifer Stirling

Jenny's Cakes

Google Reviews

Steve designed a website for me which is very crisp and easy to manoeuvre. He also maintains my webpage on a monthly basis which means I do not need to worry about updates etc. Very responsive to changes or little bits I want to add. Would highly recommend him.

Colette Delargy

Maths Buddy

Google Reviews

Caffeine Injection has just updated my whole mathsbuddy website to take account of the Co-vid 19 pandemic which now includes a booking system. The firm has great ideas and is very responsive to requests so I'm totally pleased with the service.