Effective Websites

From only £150 / €175

We've been making great looking mobile friendly search engine optimised websites for small business and sole traders since 2001.


Template Websites

Customisable websites based on our prebuilt templates. This means they're incredibly adaptable, very fast to deploy and extremely cost-effective, starting at only £150 / €175.

Small Business Website Design Belfast

Bespoke Websites

Built from the ground up to your exact specification, which means they are unique to you and your business. If you have a special one-off requirement, these are for you. Typically from £500 / €575

Barber Website

Our new website and booking platform for the busy barber shop

£30 / €35 Per Month

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Online Booking Scheduler
  • Online Diary Management
  • Online Client Management
  • Unlimited Staff

Trades Website

Trades Website

A ready made website for the busy trades person

Only £10 / €12 Per Month

About Us

Established in Belfast in 2001, we are a small affordable web design & developer agency working solely with sole traders & small businesses in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

We build & maintain cost-effective websites for the beauty, leisure, outdoors, wedding & property rental markets, plus many others.

We understand the reality of being a small business in the modern day and the budgetary restrictions it brings.

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Caffeine Injection
10c 72b Dunmore Road
Co. Down BT24 8PR


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